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Monday, August 1, 2011

Making Omelets

I spent the day figuratively doing this to our apartment, in preparation for my in-laws' visit and ditching our garage. This mostly consisted of moving things from one spot to another, going through the kids' clothes yet again to filter for outgrown stuff, and calling assorted charities and second-hand shops to make appointments.

So it looks like I've done nothing at all, but Laston understands this now. The master plan is all here in my head, and the appropriate bits will be done by the time his parents get here Wednesday afternoon, and the other parts by the time we have to clear the garage. But it sure doesn't look that way. This is what is meant by breaking eggs to make omelets; I have to make a mess to clean it up properly.

Then there were unusual things today, like replacement epi-pens for Abby. Neither camp nor school will take an expired one; although the camp people admit that their training indicates the things are good for a year after the expiration date, there's liability involved. If someone (God forbid) had to give a kid an epinephrine shot from an expired pen, and it didn't work, well... that would be bad. And we're going to have to replace (well, repair) Abby's glasses too; second pairs are not covered under the insurance, as face-planting onto the frame and thereby losing the lens is not "normal wear-and-tear". Abby has definitely been the expensive kid this summer, in spite of her dad buying the bulk of her school supplies!

Thank goodness for my cousin Renee (whose girls are bigger than mine and who is always very generous with the hand-me-downs) and Laston's mom (who is the Garage Sale Shopper Extraordinaire). Because all my kids really need is socks. And maybe not those, if I can finish this pile of clothes I found on my bedroom floor.