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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School (Abby)

Third Grade. I can't believe it. And it took a certain amount of convincing the staff that I wasn't a stalker with a camera, but I managed it (I started this blog mid-school-year last year, so they had not seen me wandering the halls with my camera before). But I got permission from the parents of the photographic subjects posted here, and I never print last names or specific locations. I love my kid's school and I want that fact known, but not to the point where everyone and their brother knows which school it is, you know? They are great - from the office staff through the teaching staff, custodians, you name it, we love Abby's school. I even had a gossip session with a couple other moms in the girls' bathroom about how great the teachers are, especially (said the mom with the most experience) the third grade teachers. It was a little surreal, lurking in the girls' restroom gossiping; I was expecting us to check each others' mascara at any moment.

We got to see Abby's second grade teacher, Ms M., who actually got Abby interested in spelling and in reading just for fun last year. We got to see Abby's first grade teacher, Ms. E., who (thank goodness) is back on traffic duty this year. She's a teeny tiny little thing, so gentle with her first-graders, but where recalcitrant parents in the pickup circle are concerned... she takes no prisoners. And the librarian, and the gym teacher, and the music teacher, and the PTSA moms and dads. We watched the welcome-back assembly and the kids clearly enjoyed it (although there was a bit of groaning from the oldest kids when the prize their school had won from Target turned out to be $500 worth... of books).

I got several more pictures but have not gotten permission from their parents yet. There were a number of kids whose parents' permission I do have, but I did not get their pictures (because I'm not that stalker-with-a-camera). The young gentleman to the right (below) for instance is Abby's friend (and former "fiancee") and I have permission from his parents. She does like the skinny blond boys. The little girl to the left (also below) mugging with Abby we've known almost as long (again, from preschool); she and Abby have this odd relationship where they are Best Friends Forever... until they're not.

Abby and Amelia

Abby and Abbey
So, parents, employees, and other denizens of My Kid's School... I'm not a stalker. Just a parent who's pleased and proud that her child goes to a good public school. And yeah, I am updating with another pic, having gotten permission from another parent. Abby and Abbey were in the same class last year and the coincidence of names amuses them both. A lot.