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Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Day, Another Task

Or a week's worth of tasks. Maybe two.

We have a ton of boxes in our apartment, from last week's Enormous Garage Cleaning Project. Today, with the kids at Grandma's, I managed to organize the storage closet off our porch, hang a candle holder, a decorative plate holder, two toy hammocks, and two bamboo wind "chimes". I also managed to put away all the empty boxes, do my Monday job hunting activities, and start my second week of school activities.

Tomorrow Abby has a friend coming over at noon, and staying until five or so. This friend has been calling us all summer and this is the first time we've been able to arrange a play date. Grandma and The Nest will have my two until around that noon hour, so tomorrow I get to cram as much more cleaning as I can handle, running errands, and schoolwork/job hunt work between nine and noon, because then we will have a guest. I can do laundry in the afternoon while Abby and her friend are either locked in their room, or out playing with neighborhood kids, depending on the weather.

Because yeah, it's raining. Again. In August. Welcome to Seattle.

Today I got quite a lot of that done, because Abby and Lizzy were at Grandma's. And Abby's friend from the sleepover a couple weeks ago was there too - she's a neighbor of my mom's - and she and Abby made this amazing creation. Not bad for a couple of eight-year-old girls with nothing but paper, safety scissors, tape, and imagination. And the picture does not even show the "back yard", with a creek and a bridge. Crafty kids.