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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On TV, Laundry, and Jobs

A Slice of Life post:

Lizzy's at Grandma's, reportedly dozing in front of The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation. She could use the nap, but I wonder what bedtime will be like tonight. I visited her preschool this morning, to deliver her immunization records. Apparently I have to fill our their form rather than using the one the doctor's office gave me, but that's okay. I'll bring the form back in on Friday. She starts school September 6th.

I'm watching Stargate Atlantis while a) folding all that laundry I found on my bedroom floor, b) searching for a job online, c) thawing pork chops for dinner, and d) keeping an eye on my Google Plus stream. This morning I helped my mom clear out her storage so we can clear out ours next week; we plan to share. I thought about calling Laston and asking him to pick me up some dryer sheets but his phone is here (it's on vibrate and it keeps buzzing at me from across the room). I'll get them when I go to pick up Miz Liz.

Abby's at day camp at the Museum of Flight. We love this place; my parents are retired Boeing folk, my dad is a small plane pilot, and even my maternal grandfather used to work at the Lazy B. Abby's there this week making bottle rockets and learning about the Blue Angels and so forth.

Leanna, poor kid, has had a headache for a couple days now and we want her well before her grandparents get here Wednesday. Send good thoughts, okay?