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Friday, August 19, 2011

Holy Moly... That WAS a Project!

Not this kind of moly (except in the etymological sense).

So as you have read here and here, I spent the week my children were out of town trying to clean out our garage so we can drop it from our lease, thereby saving slightly more than our rent increase this year. But it's been a busy week - even though my mother, the wonderful grandmother that she is - had the kids for a whole week. I thought yay! I'll sleep in on Monday and then get crackin'! Laston's had a - shall we say - extra busy week at work because half his group is training, which leaves the remaining half to do the work of - well - twice as many people.

Sunday I could not sleep. I can only assume that although my conscious mind was thrilled to have the kids away for a week, my mama-radar was going haywire. I slept in Monday, went to a meeting at the local branch of my school, had a phone interview (cut short because I have not completed my degree) and did some work on the garage. I did my first day's assignments and my job hunt for the day. Laston worked late.

Tuesday I did my first full day of school, job hunting activities, and did some of the garage. I also had a phone interview and broke my tooth (these two events are not related). Laston worked late.

Wednesday I did some work on the garage, went in to have them look at my tooth, and they pulled it. Then they told me not to do anything "strenuous" for the rest of the day, to eat only soft foods (preferably liquids) and no carbonation. So that day was a wash as far as the garage went. I did my schoolwork and job hunting activities. Laston worked late.

Thursday I did some work on the garage but I was much slowed by the fact that I was sore and living on soy protein shakes. I lost the patch they put on my tooth socket so they had me come in for a look. I did my schoolwork and job hunting activities. Laston worked even later. Then Leanna's mom and the other ladies from Millennia Ministries came and picked up a bunch of furniture. Laston helped lift and carry, and used his ever-present Leatherman tool to remove table legs and so forth. I went through all the kids' clothes to distribute them to assorted places while I watched Stargate: Atlantis on Netflix. I graduated to boiled eggs and pasta by bedtime

And then there was today. Hoo boy, today. Mom and the girls came home by the rather roundabout method of going to the game farm. On the driving tour, they are given bread to feed the animals. Lizzy ate hers. I started on the garage early and worked at it all day. Friday Night Gamers showed up while I was at Saturday's Child taking things to trade in (where I got enough credit to buy Abby's back-to-school clothes - thanks, Debbie!) The Gamers helped Laston and me move the rest of the stuff into our apartment. This involved a lot of sweat - Gamers as a group are not particularly fit, Action Heroes notwithstanding.

So now I have two and a half hours to finish my Friday school assignment (I already did the reading), and tomorrow, after Laston comes home from his extra half-shift, we have to grab the two odd-sized boxes, the ladder, and the empty boxes from the garage. Then I can turn in the remote and take Abby to choose her new glasses. And then spend the next few weeks going through these boxes in between school assignments and work searches.

The Gamers and the kids had pizza. I've graduated to pasta with sauce. Now we're back to our normal Friday night; Abby and Leanna are in their room watching big girl movies and they'll fall asleep watching.  Lizzy and I are on the couch with Bob the Builder. Laston's in bed because his half-shift starts at OMG-thirty. All is well.