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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Worst News

I don't know how to start. I guess I'll just say it.

Laston's going into end-of-life hospice care as soon as the good folk of Evergreen Hospital can get the gastro symptoms under control. Our hope is that we can get him in home hospice care, but if he needs more support, like IVs and things, he'll be in the hospice care center instead. For him, the most important thing is access to his computer so he can finish his current book.

I am very sorry to have to type this, but Laston and I agreed that all of our loved ones - offline and on - need to know. His cancer got so aggressive that the chemo just couldn't keep up, and as the cancer was in his colon and liver, the liver gave up and his kidneys are straining to take the load. His organs are just failing and short of a miracle, this can't be fixed.

So here we sit.

We have tons of support; our respective parents and friends and neighbors and siblings. My Weight Watchers group has offered to make food for us to freeze. Our friends have offered to help the girls clean their rooms. My friend A. has offered any help I need so many times (and I'd like to add you to the girls' pickup lists at their schools, if that's okay). I have a neighbor offering fresh eggs and mushrooms, My parents have been chauffeurs and babysitters and general support and have taken me out of myself with musical plays and good seafood.

I have had more people than I can count offering to help us, but I usually don't have enough energy to think of something on the spot. So I'll just list some random things that would be  super helpful if you want to help. You could give to the GoFundMe attached to this post, or buy one of Laston's books from the other links. If you're handy (and local) we could use a new bolt for the toilet seat, someone to unstop the bathroom sink drain, and maybe someone could look at our freezer, as it seems to need defrosting and the icemaker hasn't worked for a year. Someone (Steph?) to take Abby back-to-school shopping (Lizzy's done, provided we can find her socks).

I don't even know what to do at this point, so I went to default (which means it's just as well the Weight Watchers group will be feeding us soon): comfort food. The girls and I had my favorite comfort food, the one I ate at least once a week while pregnant with Lizzy; this is Chinese food from Chan's Place. With enough leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

We'll just try to keep life as normal as possible.