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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Depression is weird.

Lizzy and I were out for three hours; we got her ears pierced and went to another store in the mall; then we went to lunch.

I'm freaking exhausted.

Three hours.

Oh, we did a lot in that time. Ear piercing, picking out other accessories; they were buy three get three free, so she got more earrings for when they're healed and a set for Abby. She also got a headband, a very girly diary, pink polka-dotted earbuds for her Kindle, and some other small accessories. Then we went to the bathroom and there is a game store on the way, so I replaced my Kingdom Hearts games (the PS2 is bye-bye and the PS2 games don't work on the PS3 unless you get the remastered version or the downloads).

We went to our favorite sushi restaurant and the owner gave her free Mochi because birthday celebration.

Then we came home to find her birthday gift from her dad's parents had arrived; some really cute outfits and cash and a card.

And I'm totally wiped out.