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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Healthy Jenn and a PSA

So a couple weeks ago, in addition to all the other hoo-rah going on, I had a fasting blood test because of a new blood pressure medication. They want to make sure that I still have enough potassium - lack of it is a common problem with most medications for hypertension - and because I have a lot of risk factors for other issues (because I am obese and asthmatic and starting to er... get a little older), they check for All The Rest Of It while I'm there.

And they found... nothing wrong with me at all.

My sugars, electrolytes, cholesterols, and all the rest of it are "within normal parameters". Even on the healthy end of those parameters. As always, the only thing I'm low on is iron, and even that is not low... just borderline enough that if I donated a pint to the Red Cross - which everyone should do if they can (or to your country's equivalent) - then I'd be low (so the aforementioned Red Cross and therefore the Puget Sound Blood Center will not take my blood).

I'm basically healthy.

And that feels good.

And just because I can, and I don't want to post a pic of my lab results because, well... ewww, here's a new pic I have not included in my blog before, although a lot of online friends have seen it. Poor tired baby.