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Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School (Jenn)

Last night I did not sleep until after 3AM. I can only assume that this is because, although I am thrilled to have the break from the kids, my Spidey-sense Mama-radar is going haywire at their absence (or at least Lizzy's; Abby's away overnight at least twice a month). So I didn't get up this morning until after ten (bliss!) and then I went to the local University of Phoenix office to meet with my admissions adviser and her boss and print forms and so forth (my printer has not worked for a while, ever since Lizzy tried to print the Letter of the Day along with Ernie). I wrote my student bio, and did a number of housekeeping tasks there on their computers so I had my adviser, well... advising me. She's great and her boss (whom I met for the first time today) was great too. I think I'll really like this experience.

So I came home, packed some stuff from the garage into my car, and came in. Did a little online job-hunting (again, Mondays are slow) and waited for my phone interviewer to call. Talked with her for fifteen minutes, until she discovered that my degree is in process and therefore I don't qualify (HR should have screened for that. Gosh Dang it to Heck). Did a little bit of schoolwork. Got a message from my mom at her condo, showing Miz Liz playing on the beach. No, her little skirt is not khaki; it's blue denim. I'm sure glad Grandma is doing that load of laundry!

Now I'm off to play in the storage some more (while waiting for the interviewers from last week to get back to me. That's the one I really want). Then home to eat foods the kids won't. Garlic-pepper trout tonight!

ETA: I seem to have broken a tooth, which may mess with my intense schedule tomorrow; we shall see. In the meantime, here's another cool picture from my kids' trip to Grandma's time share (this one courtesy of my sister, who is there with her daughter).