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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fair Enough

Abby rides a pony
We spent the bulk of the day today at the Evergreen State Fair. In general a good time was had by all, even allowing for undernapped and overexcited Lizzy (nearly 4) and Cousin Lucy (just 2). Their mutual meltdown at about 2pm did provide a natural ending to the day. I don't have any pictures of Lucy or her mom here, because I've been requested not to share them publicly. Fair enough.

Abby had a few things she really wanted to do - she wanted to ride a Ferris Wheel and the "swings" (the ride called the Yo-Yo) and go in the Fun House. Her dad wanted her to go on the pony ride and get a picture to go with the ones from previous years. Lizzy wanted to "wide the hohsies and eat cohn on the cob". I don't speak fluent Lucy, but I think mostly she was interested in "Lucy see an-muls". We managed all of this and a bit more (like face-painting) except for the Fun House. Fair enough.

Lizzy eats Fair corn
Lizzy rides the carousel
When the attendant handed Lizzy her corn on the cob, she promptly dropped it. The server was kind enough to get her another, free of charge. Abby made the slightly insulting remark that fair corn is better than mine, but subsided when I pointed out I do not have a vat of melted butter to dip it in.

All three kidlets enjoyed the carousel, but as Lizzy (and Lucy for that matter) is too short to go on any of the other rides unless we went all the way over to the kiddieland section on the other end of the Fair Grounds (and also both younger kids melted down at that point), we just did the last bit, with Abby and me on the Ferris Wheel.
Abby rides the
Ferris Wheel

And then we took Abby to her dad's place (along with the picture of her on the pony). On the way there we got a call from the glasses place saying her glasses are ready. Can we come in this weekend? Sure, how about Sunday?

You know what the lady from the glasses place said?
"Fair enough."