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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Only the Pet Can Save us Now

On the way home from picking up Abby's new glasses - we are really taking this back-to-school thing piecemeal this year - she started doing her movie-announcer voice. It was such a hoot that I offered to record it and upload it. It's our first attempt at video - I used Windows Live Movie Maker - and it's very quiet. But Abby in her perky-goth eight-year-old cuteness is worth it in my opinion. I'll post the text so you can tell what she's saying... and next time we'll jack the microphone volume up high.

"Out of the darkest depths of time...
Only one creature can save us from the Evil...
Is it a pillow?
Is it a pet?
Or is it... a Pillow Pet?!"

I'll take pix of her in her new glasses - both pairs - later tonight or tomorrow and make another post. This one was a one-off.