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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Out of the Mouths... Lizzyisms

Abby's at her dad's. Leanna's at her mom's. I'm packing Lizzy's and Abby's gear to stay at Grandma's condo for a few days (well, Lizzy's gear; I'm laying Abby's out so I can pack it when she (and her duffel) get home from her dad's). Also, Lizzy and I went to Grandma's to grab the jacket Grandma forgot to take with her, and to a store to get gifts and props for Leanna's birthday party tomorrow. Which prompted this conversation:

Me: Okay, Lizzy, we're going to go to Grandma's to pick something up, run by the grocery store, and then you may ride your trike while I move things in our storage unit
Lizzy: Okay. Can we go on the flat so it's not too fast on my twike?
Me: Sure. And we have the added benefit of getting out of Daddy's hair
Lizzy: Um.... mama? Daddy doesn't weally have haih.

While we were out, she told me that she and her "best fwiend Nallie" are going to "have a mawwiage wedding" (editor's note: with wuv? Twoo wuv?) at her next birthday party. Now, I'm completely and totally pro-equal-rights where the gender of the participants is concerned, but really, I think just-four and almost-five is a bit young. Maybe twenty years from now.

And after we got home, Daddy was practicing his shtick for tomorrow (he's doing a Bill Nye kind of act for the kids at Leanna's party), so Lizzy was snuggling up to me and we had the following exchange:

Lizzy: Mama, yoh the cutest guhl in the wold.
Me: Well, thank you, baby
Lizzy: Today, I mean. Tomowwow somebody else will be the cutest.
Me: Really? Who?
Lizzy: I don't know, but it just won't be yoh day foh cute.

I'm sort of dreading the rest of the day, frankly.