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Thursday, August 4, 2011


I stated here that it was ironic how I was taking a time and stress management workshop the week my in-laws were in town. Turns out... they're not the stressor (Hi Joe! Hi Dianna! Love you!).

Getting ready for them was the stressor. That part is done now. Now we're in for a couple days of job-hunting and school in the morning, going to swim at the in-laws' hotel, coming home for lunch/nap/rest/online time, and then having them over here from mid-afternoon through supper. I can cope with that. In fact, I'll enjoy it. I love my husband's parents. They are Good People.

And of course, they bring me stuff. Lots of stuff. Before we knew each other well, they used to sort of bring random stuff to see what would stick. But now they have a better handle on the sort of stuff we like/can use. A couple years ago, Laston's mom - champion garage saler - found me a triple slow cooker; it has three little crocks of about three quarts each. She wasn't sure I'd like it. I use it at least once a week, usually more. So this time she brought me a giant electric griddle. She said it's because the last time they were here, I made french toast and bacon for seven people in a ten-inch skillet and she wanted to save me that in the future. My former in-laws were nice too; these are the people Abby just spent a week-plus with at their place in the back of beyond.

I have been very lucky in my choice of family-in-law.