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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School Clothes

My mom took Abby to the shoe store and got her shoes and socks and shoelaces and so forth. And then to another store to get a top and then some leggings for under her skirts and dresses (Abby likes to spend a lot of time upside down on the play ground, and she likes to wear skirts, so...).

And today I took her to Saturday's Child, to spend some of the credit we earned last week. I had $110 in credit - and that's a lot for this kind of store - so I knew we'd do well. And oh boy, did we!

  • 1 denim jacket with butterflies embroidered on it
  • 1 pair brown dress flats
  • 6 long sleeve tees (5 in varying shades of pink and coral and lavender - this is Abby after all and one in blue and green tie-dye)
  • 2 short-sleeve hoodie tees, one pastel pink/brown and one black with neon legend saying "Remember Me. I'll Be Famous."
  • 1 short-sleeve oversize tee, purple, with butterfly design
  • 1 dark gray hoodie with an argyle design where some of the argyle diamonds are heart shaped (in - what else - hot pink)
  • 1 pair long denim shorts
  • 1 knee-length olive/khaki corduroy skirt
  • 1 navy blue skirt with blue and gray embroidered flowers
  • 1 pair blue jeans, ankle length
  • 1 pair brown leggings with rhinestone  at the hem
  • 1 dark blue vest to be worn over tees
After my frequent-flyer Facebook-fan discount, this all came to just under half the $110 in credit I had in my account. There's a reason I love this store.

So between all that and the stuff that still fits her from last year - which we tried on after we got home - we're set for most of the school year. And that feels good.