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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thanks Everybody!

Wow - today was busy busy busy.

I did a lot more cleaning out of our garage, in preparation for turning in the garage remote at the end of the week, thereby saving over $100 a month. Thanks to:
  • My mom, who is letting us use some of her storage space and has taken the kids off our hands for a week
  • Saturday's Child, the local kids' consignment shop, where I'm taking outgrown clothes/equipment and trading them for in-store school-clothes-credit
  • My local branch of Half-Price Books, where I'm taking the duplicates and getting things at the kids' current reading levels
  • Millennia Ministries, which is taking some bulky items - that I don't currently need but their clients do - off my hands.
I also had my second day of school, learning about my classmates and my curriculum, and getting a call from my academic adviser (who is just as wonderful as my enrollment adviser; the financial adviser and I are playing phone tag but I'm sure she's great). The academic adviser and I kept putting each other on hold, as I was out running my garage-stuff around and she was on call for other students today. Turns out that with my existing credits (mostly in Humanities and Languages) from community college lo these many years ago, and those classes I am required to take, I only got to choose one elective, in social sciences. I chose Introduction to Behavioral Science. Maybe it'll help me figure out Lizzy's aversion to using the potty!

I made an appointment at my favorite dental office because I broke the tooth they fixed a couple months ago. Gosh Dang it to Heck, who knew bread - not even toasted bread - could break a tooth? I mean, it was super weak because I had not yet had the time (or the money) to get the post and crown, but still. For crying out loud (which I will probably be doing until my appointment at 11:30 tomorrow, because it's really starting to hurt. But that's why they invented ibuprofen, right?).

I had another phone interview today (for part-time at-home work that sounds super interesting and would be great for my schedule, but not quite so much for my pocketbook (though it does pay more than my UI)), and here's hoping that either this one or the one I interviewed for last week is The Job. I'm tired of unemployment, and after yesterday's interview being such a bust, I could use the uplift, frankly. I mean, getting paid would be awesome, but just at the moment a little ego-boost would almost help more.