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Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Madness

Not frothing-at-the-mouth madness, nor even the kind of madness implied by more than one previous post. Just a busy Monday, with all that entails. My day went like this:
  1. Take Lizzy to the doctor to determine with there is any physiological reason for her resistance to potty training. There isn't - just as we suspected she's suffering from a certain amount of er... performance anxiety - but it's nice to have corroboration
  2. Take Lizzy to Grandma's and drop forms at preschool
  3. Run by grocery store for a few staples
  4. Go home, do more research on the company with which I am interviewing (I so want this job!), get ready for interview
  5. Interview. One of the interviewers was called unexpectedly out of town, so this is shorter than it would have been otherwise. Even so, it was a panel of four interviewers. I think I did all right, and this company looks like a perfect match for me (a real customer focus rather than lip service paid thereto, near my home, and decent pay. What's not to like?). Did I mention I so want this job?
  6. Home to do my job hunting online (although Mondays are slow on that front), and to repair the damages wreaked upon my household over the past few days. This sounds a lot more dire than it is.
  7. Pick up the kids at Grandma's, invite a friend of Abby's for a sleepover tomorrow night, get in touch with her mom to make sure we're a go, come home, cook dinner, and deal with the first potty accident of the day (so it looks like as long as we put the kid on the potty every hour and give only positive reinforcement, we're good for at least #1).
  8. And then the usual evening round of dinner, dishes, bath, book, brush, bed for two kids - one at 7:30 and the other at 9.
See? Busy. Tomorrow will be much the same, except that the interview will be replaced by cleaning my file cabinet and closet, and the groceries will be mostly snacks for Laston (he's tired of salami, can't have cheese or sugary/starchy carbs on his diet, and we try not to keep large amounts of nuts in the house) and laundry detergent. Busy busy busy.