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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wicked Stepmother

I feel bad for Leanna. She's only here for a couple days every other week, but she always seems to be here when Jenn Loses It. And she's very sensitive to yelling (of the scolding variety - her own lack of Inside Voice and that of other kids does not seem to be a problem) - by anyone and to anyone - whether it's directed at her or not, so there's usually a mini-meltdown on my part (and sometimes hers) right about now... just before bedtime of the second night she's here. Now that I have figured this out by typing it, I may have to just plan my Alone Time for right about now - lock the door and spend an hour with a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

Today Jenn Lost It because close to bedtime, Abby spilled a full glass of raspberry Crystal Light on the living room carpet. Sixteen ounces of dark red liquid goes a loooong way on cheap apartment carpet. Laston kept his head and got out the SpotBot. I freaked out.

I could use any number of excuses - headache, long day, stress, whatever - but I'll own it. I was yelling at Abby for spilling the stuff (and I should not have let her drink it in the living room without a lid on the cup in any case) . Abby burst into tears and hid under a blanket while I shouted that she should get a towel, whereupon she - in an effort to be helpful - got a single paper towel from the kitchen. Yeah, not gonna help, that. Nice try though. Just as I'm calming down from that, Lizzy jumps into the puddle and out again, to "make pattahns".

Seriously? You want to make patterns?

So I escalated again (volume-wise), sent Lizzy to time out, took Abby in the bedroom to apologize for yelling, and to explain that no, she's not getting another cup this time with a lid. And there's poor Leanna, witness to Jenn Losing It again.

And now, just for a little more noise, we have the SpotBot going for the foreseeable future.