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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snap Out of It!

I'm feeling lethargic today. (3:00 mark to your right)

It started with sleeping in until almost ten. Lizzy, bless her heart (and not in the Southern Way), utilized her apparently-innate Netflix Instant Play Ability and watched an episode of Dinosaur Train and two of Blue's Clues after she awoke at 8:30, came in and cuddled with me for about three minutes, and wandered off. I rolled my still-tired self out of bed at ten, made us some brunch, and made a whole pot of tea (apparently I needed the caffeine). Then I sat around, submitted my unemployment claim for the week, made us lunch, did a load of dishes, started a load of laundry, and sat around some more.

Lizzy's not feeling great - she's probably coming down with a cold - so she was a willing accomplice in my lethargy. It's Sunday - does this count as a day of rest? Or the Deadly Sin of Sloth? Laston got home around 2:30 and I felt a little bad for not doing more around the house, especially when he started sweeping the kitchen, but I couldn't even get up the energy for a solid guilt trip (he wasn't trying to guilt trip me; any of you who have known me for longer than a week know that I'm capable of that all on my own). And then I took a bath and picked up my favorite literature-as-comfort-food books. Uh-oh.

Could be new meds, the twin stresses of No Job and Rent Coming Up, or worry about Abby-at-Nana's (although all of these things are being worked on or are just fine and I'm worrying to no purpose. Me? Worry needlessly? Never happens). I suspect I just needed a Day Off, because I'm already feeling less blah than I was when I started this post. And after this I'm going to start my first editing task for this project. And tomorrow I'm going to force myself to clean up this place (it will of course be easier once Lizzy is at my mom's for the day). And that's how I will Snap Out of It.