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Saturday, July 2, 2011


She is full of them today. Here are a few examples:

‎"Dad telled me that wegalah TV was bad because it was costing us too much money so we maked it go away. I'm wowwied it will nevah come back!" (yes, we did ditch our "regular TV"; we haven't even checked it more than a couple times in months)

"I hit you on the knee with this wand-hammah and yoh leg jumps. I'm Doctah Wand" (she couldn't use her actual toy reflex hammer, no, she's using a weighted (due to sensing electronics) plastic wand from a Dora toy)

"You can be the tea guy, Mom. The tea is safe because I took the Chemical X out." (thank goodness; I don't want to turn into Mojo Jojo)

"Is it still the day before the day after this day?" (Uh, yes. Yes it is)

It's only ten AM. I'm not sure I can handle the rest of the day at this rate.