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Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm an early adopter of Google+.

I love it.

I'm not one to badmouth Facebook - mostly because they have so many great games licensed on their platform - but I am really enjoying Google Plus. A lot. I love Wave too; in fact it's my home page. But Wave is not supported by Google anymore and that gives me a sad. So I'm using Wave and Plus and Chrome and Blogger and Gmail and other stuff from the Don't-Be-Evil folks over there, and enjoying myself hugely thereby, but I still have buttons on my (Chrome) bookmark bar for Facebook and TVTropes and Goodreads and Meez and all the other plethora of things I use on teh Interwebs. I still have Firefox and IE for those things incompatible with Chrome. So all is well.

Except the usual OMGWTF stuff in my life. Whoops! Forgot I was getting the carpets cleaned tomorrow. Uh... what time is that again? I need to know so I know when to have everything pushed aside and the kids out of the house for a couple hours. And I'm still looking for work and enrolling in online school and etc. ad nauseum.

I'm a busy lady. And I have the Google Calendars to prove it.