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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Feet Hurt

No, they have not been defenestrated. They've just been crammed into shoes I bought on the Internet all day (no, not in that bright pink color; I wore black).

Normally this is not really a problem; when I wear these shoes I usually go to a job interview (or to work when I was working) and go home, and take them off. No worries, even with a full day - There's only so much walking to do in a place like that.

Except when interviewing at a major corporation, that is. After doing all the other stuff I do all day. Today I took Lizzy to The Nest, helped my mom clean out her storage unit, ran some errands and went to my interview (see, no Oxford Comma; I can do it if I try. But you can pry my beloved semicolon from my cold dead hand). Due to the huge number of people interviewing I parked fairly far away, and this was an open house, so no specific scheduling. I hung around at the desk of the family member who sent me the job information until he had to leave for the day, and then went over to the screening area. At the other end of a fairly large building.

After they screened us, we took a typing test (down three floors and a hallway and around a corner to a "holding area", and then back around the corner, up the hallway, down one more floor and over to the other side of the building for the test). I am pleased to report that my effective typing speed has almost doubled since I started this blog. Those of us who passed went into group interviews (up five floors) for almost two hours. This was interesting; I think I did well, but I may not be quite as sales-oriented as they'd like. Hard to tell though. Then home via the grocery store for dinner.  Busy day.

Tomorrow's job-hunting and house-cleaning and preparing-for-an-interview (at a different company, this one nearer home) will be restful by comparison!