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Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Again!

Every week or so I do a random post - just a lot of little things in one day, rather than a Big Topic.

---I am now officially enrolled as a student at the University of Phoenix, to get my AA in Communications. This is primarily to make me more employable; I would like to go back to school just for the sake of the learning, but I don't have the money for that. I've lost count of how many prospective employers have used my lack of degree as a way to eliminate me from the job pool. I can't blame them; it's an easy one to use for the purpose and with a gazillion people after a dozen jobs, they have to look for all the legal reasons they can to eliminate people. So back I go. I've already got a quarter of the credits I need, from long ago days at Edmonds Community College (I took more classes than that, but many of them were specific to my Early Childhood Education major and do not transfer). I'm scared to death and excited at the same time.

---I went looking online today for a specific kind of candy, and this took me to I sent them this note because I'm a dork. Or is it geek?:
 1) Your SEO is working well; I would never have gone to directly for two reasons: I have a child who is allergic to tree nuts, and I always fear that an address like that will be ah... not just Food Porn, if you get my drift. But I was able to get there with a google search for the (non-nut) product I wanted.
2) I'm sure you folks process everything on the same equipment; is it possible to tell me whether anything is nut-free?
3) In case you don't know it, mango is closely related to cashew and therefore can cause cross-allergenic reactions. If you have a dried fruit mix withOUT mango I'd be thrilled

---I am totally enjoying Google+. Today I had a Hangout (Video Chat) with a retired English Professor from Massachusetts and an IT guy from Egypt. It was so much fun!---Miz Liz is obsessed with The Care Bears Movie II. I get things like, "Oh, no, Mama, Chwisty doesn't know that the wed-haih boy is Dahk Heaht!" With her Elmer Fudd lack-of-R in her speech it's unintentionally hilarious.

---A couple of neighborhood boys with whom we had a small bullying problem are moving out of state today. Is it wrong of me to support the girls (Abby, Leanna, and Kiki) in their celebration of this? I only plan to provide sleeping space and popcorn...

---I won a free candle (my choice of scent) a couple weeks ago from PicWicks Soy Candles of Terre Haute IN and it arrived today. It smells sooooooooooo good! Sunwashed Linen is my new favorite scent! And Debbie, the owner of PicWicks Soy Candles, is a total sweetheart.