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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Lizzy, Almost Four

"Duh, Mom, I'm a kid."

This is her new favorite thing to say - usually when I'm exasperatedly asking her why on earth she just did that whatever-the-hell-it-was - and it makes me want to shake her. (I don't, of course, but the desire is there). She has been full of bizarre little things tonight - possibly because Abby is having an overnight at Grandma's, so it's just Liz and me and Daddy. Like these:
The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit
"Mo-om! In this movie Stwabewwy Shoatcake has haih that's kinda wed and kinda pink - it's not weally wed like in the other ones. I don't know what this colah is called - is it pink-wed? Oh wed-pink?"

That would be coral, dear.

"Did you know that Legos is foh evewybody? Even gwown-ups and big kids? But not babies - babies ah too much baby to play with Legos. Like babies."

And as she whacks her body parts against yet another hard (like the Lego table) or sharp-edged like the freaking walls) thing because she's not paying attention to what she's doing, I say, "Lizzy! If you would slow down you wouldn't hurt yourself so often! Why do you do that?"

"Duh, Mom, I'm a kid."