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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I had an interview - a group one - yesterday, at a very big organization. It would be very nice to get a job there - and I know my spouse would love it - although the position I interviewed for is more sales-oriented than I'd like. I'm more of a customer care kinda gal, although I can do either fairly effectively, because it's inbound - cold calling is not my forte. Low hourly rate plus commission, incentives, etc (after a nine-week training period at the base-only rate). They will call me back by end of day Friday to let me know if I made it to the one-on-one interview. This job is about 20 miles away from my home, but the commute would not be too bad because it's north of me, rather than south or east (where Seattle and Bellevue are). It's a union job.

Today I had a phone interview with a smaller - but still fairly large - organization. I have a couple friends who work there, and it's a strictly customer care position, with a dash of Knowledge Base writing. Much higher base salary than the other, but less opportunity for commission and the like. I have an in-person interview scheduled for week after next. This job is about four miles from my home, in the same Seattle suburb. It's not a union job.

They have approximately equal benefits packages. I hope to have the task of choosing between them!

Tomorrow's organization will be me and Lizzy, in the kids' room and the living room and the back porch and the storage unit. Laston can do the dishes and stuff; Liz and I will be Cleaning House, in the organizational sense. Funny story, I told Lizzy we were going to organize her toys and she wailed, "Noooooooo.... I don't want toooooooooo! Wait. What does 'organize' mean again?"