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Monday, July 4, 2011

BSU, or Happy Independence Day!

Not this BSU. I'm talking about Blowing Sh... er... Stuff Up.

Last Friday Abby asked me about Independence Day (not this Independence Day) and why we got to blow things up. I gave her the second grade level chapter and verse... independence from England, Tea Party (not that Tea Party), one if by land, etc... it's a celebration. I sang her The Star Spangled Banner, I referenced Liberty's Kids. When asked if she could explain it in her own words she said, brightly, "oh, like Thanksgiving and Martin Luther King Jr... you know, being allowed to do what you want instead of what someone else tells you. When you're like, a grownup and stuff."


So my plan was to have them watch the America Rocks section of Schoolhouse Rock tonight when we got home; there would be too much noise for them to sleep, so they may as well have this in their room tonight:

So we had our BBQ (my mom is a great cook) and we blew up a number of pretty things that went bang! or wheeeee! or both (interjections show excitement and emotion; they're generally set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point, or by a comma when the feeling's not as strong..." whoops, sorry; that's a different Rock altogether) and saw some pretty lights and Lizzy put a punk out in her ear (she's fine; it just stung a little) and we came home and I was all set to put the DVD in, and... I can't find their freakin' remote so I can't play it for them on their DVD player (Darn!) so they're watching something that auto-plays and trying to sleep through the bang-bangs of locals setting off fireworks illegally (city ordinance, or do I mean ordnance?).

We'll watch it tomorrow night after Brownie Camp. along with some other Schoolhouse Rock treasures. Fun.