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Saturday, July 23, 2011

And Once Again, the World is Safe...

...and the ending is bittersweet for the Hero. No details for those of you who don't know your Marvel Comicverse, but let's just say the guy has issues. And TV Tropes has Ruined my Life, as I noticed the Actor Allusions, the aforementioned Bittersweet Ending, and about half the other tropes on the page for the movie.

And hoo boy, the Estrogen Brigade Bait! Not as pronounced (for me, YMMV) in this movie as in, say, Thor, but there will be tons of it once the Avengers movie comes out in May of 2012. Thor, Cap, and Iron Man; played (respectively) by Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Junior? All in the same movie? I know what movie hubby is taking me to next Mothers' Day!

And I don't care when it comes out - I'm taking my dad to see this movie in 2012. The books on which it's based are the first "grown-up science fiction" I can remember reading, at about nine or ten (although aside from the setting, it's really more fantasy-adventure by genre). Dad could not wait for me to read those, and I still get a chill every time I read (or hear, in the case of the audio books) the phrase, "my father's name is Tars Tarkas". Dad, are we on for the movies?