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Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Woman's Trash...

I'm cleaning out our bedroom, in preparation for two things: my in-laws' visit and clearing out our storage unit so we can drop it off our lease and save over a hundred bucks a month.

The master bedroom is where we dump stuff. It's where we can close the doors so visitors don't see what we didn't get around to cleaning up. It's where unfolded laundry lives, and unmatched socks ditto. It generally looks like a game of I SPY - random objects strewn everywhere. Cleaning it up - between visits to the potty with Lizzy, who is actually interested in that today - has so far generated a) one kitchen garbage bag (of random stuff like nylons with runs and scraps of wrapping paper and tags off clothes I bought online), b) three loads of laundry (because really, I'm not sure how long that pile of socks has been there), and c) a few bags of Things to Keep Out (like in-laws' birthday presents and Abby's school supplies). I also rearranged the smaller furniture ( like the rocker and my cello in its stand, not bookshelves or the dresser or the bed; they're too heavy to do on my own and I like where they are in any case) and put clean linens away and so forth.

And I haven't even touched the closet.

This last is because the kids - especially Abby - are so in love with their things like outgrown clothes that I don't want to do that part of it while any of them are here. That can wait until Monday when Abby is at camp and Leanna is with her mom and Lizzy's at Grandma's House. Then I'll dig into the closet so things from storage can be stored there and thereby free up a lot of the storage unit as well. In-laws arrive Wednesday afternoon. It'll be a busy week.

Now excuse me, while I take Lizzy to the bathroom. Again.

ETA: She's sound asleep on her bedroom floor, with her head in a chair. I'm sure she's sopping wet but I believe in letting sleeping preschoolers lie.

ETA: She was wet, but as she was asleep at the time we don't hold this against her. She had a good day on that front. She claimed she was "just westing" though, until I pointed out that sleep was an acceptable excuse. And my attention was soon taken off of this, when she announced that "Ewnie is the one with the stwiped shuht and the duckie fetish". When asked what 'fetish' meant, she said, "Ewnie is a big fan of his duckie".