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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Of Kids and Camps and News

Abby and Leanna are both at (different) camp this week. These are day camps, not sleep-away camps. Leanna's is - thankfully - near here and Abby's is - sadly - not. Oh, as the crow flies Abby's camp is about thirty miles away, but by the streets not so much - it takes upward of an hour to get there, more if one gets lost.

Which we did.

You see, there are two camps at this site - day camp and overnight camp. At opposite ends of the camp site... which is at least eight city blocks long and the county-rangers-only-know how wide. And the directions I had directed us to 24th street... which is apparently the overnight camp... rather than 32nd, where the day camp resides. But we got there and we weren't the only folks there late; one lady even said she just didn't have the heart to wake her daughter - who is a couple years younger than my 8yo Abby - after the late night last night. I can understand that, and I imagine Abby will be a total wreck tonight. And a total of three children have already knocked on our door, having apparently forgotten that Abby will be gone all week. I got home from taking Abby to camp, logged into my computer to look for a job, and got sidetracked into the Caylee Anthony verdict.

I don't know what to think about this. My Mommy side has the urge to hunt that woman down and kill her myself. My rational side understands that this is why we have laws... because we as humans are just as likely to go for revenge a la lynch mob given the chance. Do I believe that Casey Anthony killed her daughter? Actually, I do. But if the State of Florida could not prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, then it's done, and my opinion does not matter one whit in the greater scheme of things. That's how the law works in this country. I don't have to like it and in fact, I don't like it. At all. But that is the law; a lynch mob isn't going to bring little Caylee Anthony justice.

There's a fine line between justice and revenge, and that line is where the law comes in.