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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sundays are Nice

Laston is home today - he got Sunday-Monday-Tuesday off for the holiday weekend - and he's using the time to do some stuff around the house and play League of Legends. Abby's outside with a friend; the weather is cloudy but not wet and they are reading the Poison Apple series together. Lizzy is "westing" in her "woom", watching Backyardigans DVDs for her rest time. I'm folding laundry and playing old video games.

I've also spent some time applying for work - holiday weekends are slow on that front though - and doing basic housekeeping chores. Tomorrow is more of the same until dinner-and-fireworks time, with the addition of packing Abby's bag for Girl Scout Day Camp this week. And after rest time + tomorrow I plan to take Miz Liz out to ride her trike; she can pedal or steer, but both at once completely stymies her.

This is my idea of what a weekend should be.