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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Busy Week Planned

So Abby came home from Nana's last night. She had a lot of fun in the eight days she was there (and she may have earned two Brownie patches), but as she reported, "sometimes they made me watch grownup shows". I was amused by this, as generally that indicated that when Poppo came home from work (Nana is retired), he got the remote. But I was pretty sure she wasn't watching anything inappropriate; I assumed "grownup shows" meant - say - Wheel of Fortune, baseball games, or maybe old sitcoms. Until she told me they "watched this show where there was this guy looking for dead people in a graveyard". Um... please tell me they're not watching The Ghost Whisperer or something like that. I mean, I knew they wouldn't do that without clearing it, but her descripttion worried me. So I called Nana and assured her I knew they wouldn't let Abby watch anything inappropriate, but could she tell me what this synopsis meant?

Nana totally cracked up.

Apparently they were watching The History Channel - some show about ancestry - and what Abby described was simply people looking at gravestones to see if the records in their family Bible matched the dates on the stones. Trust a perky goth wannabe 8yo to interpret it the way Abby did!

So she came home and right now she's out playing after our busy morning of fairly heavy cleaning (her Treasure Chest pick was a jump rope and she had missed her girlfriends). By Wednesday at two I need to complete the following chores:
  1. Finish cleaning our bedroom and our on-porch storage, so I can move the appropriate things (holiday decorations, etc) from storage into the house next week, and...
  2. Help Mom clean out her storage, so I can move certain things into her storage next week, and...
  3. Finish with the housecleaning itself so my in-laws will not be shocked and horrified.
Oh, and this is in addition to paying rent, doing my usual job hunting, doing my workshop (heh - it's a Time and Stress Management Workshop) starting Wednesday, etc. You know, life. Abby will be at camp and Lizzy at my mom's, which will make this all easier - less "assistance".

Then next week I need to move out the rest of the stuff in storage, either to Mom's, our apartment, or to donate-or-ditch as appropriate. Ex-husband is taking a toy bench that he upholstered for Abby himself when she was a baby, but he says his TVs are too big for the armoire I have in there. It looks similar to this one, although it has two sets of doors rather than drawers on the bottom. Any of my local readers interested? I can cut you a deal...