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Friday, July 1, 2011

Comic Books and Lunch Dates

Yesterday, Laston was feeling generous (and did not want to do the cleaning himself) so he hired Abby to do it. Usually this earns her a Treasure Box Pick, but in this instance he wanted the cleaning done to closer-to-adult-standards, so he bribed paid her with an offer of a lunch out, just the two of them. She wanted "sushi belt" (she now likes three kinds of sushi - kappa maki, inarizushi, and tamago sushi), so they did that. Nice.

When they came back, she was all excited because she not only got caffeine (green tea ice cream) but her step-dad also took her to the comic book store and got her an issue of Young Justice (to complement her existing collection of Teen Titans Go! graphic novels). I fretted about this choice when he first got the TTG for her for her birthday last year, because of the stigma of comics as "not real reading". I was wrong; she loves to stay up late and read the comics and hey, reading anything for fun is okay by me. Also, when she first got them, it was hilarious listening to her ("Mom, what does Kay-Ay-Bee-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Em spell?"). And her 2nd grade teacher, whom I love, was saying things like, "short declarative sentences with characters she already loves? Go for it," so my doubts were assuaged pretty quickly.

And Laston also set up a box for her at the Comic Stop, so when new issues of the two comics above come out, one will be put aside for her. He said the woman at Comic Stop showed great customer service skill, especially as she was dealing with an excited 8yo... who kept explaining that she was on caffeine.