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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School Rituals

We kind of broke up our back to school stuff this year - glasses one day, clothes another, like that. But today is the Last Day before school starts for the year. Abby plays hard, so we waited until today to get our nails done.

We went to my favorite nail salon. Abby has had manicures before - it's how I cured her of sucking her thumb - and this has become Tradition. But this was her first Real Pedicure. She's too short to have the chair massage and the pedicure at the same time, so they propped her up with pillows behind her back and did her feet, and then removed the pillows and shoved her back so the chair could do its thing. Since there was another girl her age there with her aunt, and they seated the two girls next to each other, a fun time was had by all. My fingernails are Java Mauve and Abby's are Teenage Dream. My toes are Silent Mauvie and Abby's are Last Friday Night (although hers have flowers painted on her big toes in yellow). My favorite is Dusk Over Cairo, which is apparently discontinued from brick-and-mortars in our area, so I'm going to order some from

After our nail date, we went to her school open house, where we meet the teacher, drop off extra supplies, that sort of thing. She of course was all about going to the playground, but I managed to stave that off until the end of the function. Right now Abby's out having her Last Outside Free Play before summer officially ends, and Lizzy and I are watching "baby shows" in the living room. Good times.