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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Sister Sitch

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My sister called my mom around 9:30 this morning, in major pain because of a badly scratched cornea in her right eye. My mom (who had my kids) called me, telling me that Steph's eye was hurt and she needed to go to the doctor. I asked if she'd like me to take Steph to the doc and she - having not thought of that - said she'd get hold of Steph and let me know. So an hour later, I got to Steph's place (Steph's daughter Lucy being at daycare and husband Larry at work) and picked her up. Sympathy tears just looking at her, because her eye was all weepy. I've had LASIK - which is essentially elective cutting of a 3/4 circle in the cornea to lift it up like a flap and then use the laser underneath the "trapdoor" to correct vision - so boy, could I sympathize. That stuff hurts. And I at least had had Valium to get me through it. Yikes.

So we got the the eye doctor and she got the little bandage-contact slapped on there and assorted drops for infection and pain and all and the difference was remarkable. One moment my sister is looking all bloodshot and weepy and the next she was - while not 100% - at least functional

And she was nice enough to take me out to lunch. I would've done it without lunch of course - that's what family and friends are for - but it was very yummy food. And nice conversation, which we don't get often, because there are usually one to four children ranging in age from two to 11 in our midst (and spouses and our mom and everyone else), and while we love them, we don't very often get Sister Time. Not happy that Lucy's two-year-old Fingernails of Doom nailed her mom. But once we got the urgent bit out of the way, it was kind of a nice time.