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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Breather

I've been going strong most of the day. Still unloading my garage because the remote has to be turned in tomorrow before six PM. Laston worked overtime - and we need the money with me not working, so no objections here - so I have been doing it myownself and I'm wiped out. But I still have one more (van)load to take tonight and I need to meet Leanna's mom down at the garage at seven (she works for Millennia Ministries, the charity to which we are bequeathing a lot of the bulkier stuff - some furniture, for instance). And she's bringing Leanna with her to go through her stuff - there are some toys in there she hasn't played with in years and while I feel okay giving my own kids' (8 and almost-4) forgotten stuff to charity (if they have not been using it and would never miss it), I don't feel right making that choice for someone Leanna's age (over ten). If she and her mom don't want it, Millennia can have it.

However, just at the moment I needed a breather. Although my mouth is feeling about 140% better than yesterday, I find myself tiring easily (this may be due to me only having had clear juices, tea, and a single slice of buttered bread in teeny tiny bites all day long. Oh, and one egg.). So I'm taking a little break for sustenance and rest, and then... back to the grindstone.

But my home will be so much less cluttered by the end of this.