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Friday, August 12, 2011

And All is Well

I went back for a follow up appointment on my new blood pressure medication today (for the reasons why I switched, click here). As long as the blood they took has enough potassium in it, this is the proper med for me; my average BP is actually lower on this new medication, and the annoying dry cough is no longer an issue (as opposed to my usual allergic cough, which is a separate animal altogether).

Speaking of animals (no, I'm not talking about the kids; I dropped them at The Nest because dragging them to the doctor for a blood pressure check is counter-productive), my favorite casual game developer just brought out a new one, to which I am already addicted. It's like Hangman, but the clues are pictures, and they're revealed as one chooses the letters. Obviously I'm playing it on Facebook, but I really really (really) hope that they'll be able to license some of their games on the Google+ platform (Google+ has games in limited beta now, with a Stream that's completely separate from the er... mainstream).

So in a little bit I'm taking Abby to her dad's, after stopping by the eye doctor to pick up a copy of her Rx so we can get her a new pair (or pairs; the Vista Optical within Fred Meyer stores is having a BOGO sale, about which I know because my ex-husband still watches TV and saw the ad. Thanks, Abby's dad!) of glasses to replace the ones she broke on the first day of camp. Yes, she has been without glasses for six weeks. Why do you ask? Then home for Game Night. Jenn's Special Asian-Jewish Fusion Soup (that is to say, chicken soup a.k.a. "Jewish Penicillin", Asian style (with ginger and lime and garlic and won tons and Asian veggies, etc). After this, nobody's getting sick around Chez Gamers' Babes.