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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Can See My Dresser!

Dresser. Bureau. Chest of Drawers. Whatever you want to call it. I can see it now.

There have been boxes stacked up in my room since the drop-dead date for handing my keys back in after cleaning the garage, because what with the tooth and all, I got derailed from cleaning it out as fast as I could otherwise have done. I've been plugging away, a few boxes a day, but with my school and Abby's and the kids' tendencies to fall violently in love with old toys they haven't seen in a gazillion years, it had been slow going.

There are a few boxes left - six in the living room and ditto in the bedroom - but the mere fact that it does not look like we just moved in is good enough for me! I can see the dresser. And the third bookshelf. And there's even natural light now; it is no longer all blocked off by stacked boxes. Amazing. There's now enough space (actual cleaning is a separate issue) for us to have Friday Night Board Games (we're taking a break from Friday Night Mage Game) tomorrow.

Not my room to the right, but the general point is the same. Once Lizzy wakes up (she crashed on the couch) and Laston wakes up (ditto) and Abby gets home from school (she got to take the bus - which is a huge thrill for her), we'll have a snack and then get some more work done, of both the housecleaning and homework varieties.

And I'll even get an hour or so to myself this evening. Sounds wonderful.