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Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Don't Panic (image: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)I am no longer the Answer. But that's okay. I won't panic.

This morning Laston took me to the casino while the kids were in school. We did slots for an hour and a half or so and had their great buffet lunch (of which I was actually able to eat a fair bit, surprisingly, given the Gaping Maw of Doom in my upper right quadrant).

Laston doesn't really grok the appeal of the slots because there is no skill involved. I find that although we had fun, it was even more fun with "the girls" (my mom, my aunts, and my female cousins). And while we enjoy Tulalip, I'm told that Angel of the Winds is really nice and we should try it. The whole activity is, however, a twice-a-year kind of proposition for me, and I think from now on I'll let the hubs take me to dinner and a movie, and The Girls will be my casino-going companions.

After Abby gets home from school, does her homework, etc., we're meeting Leanna and her mom at Red Lobster (since we didn't manage to get her mom the birthday dinner we promised her a couple weeks ago, we're combining them). Should be fun. Assuming Lizzy is awake by then; I wonder what the preschool/my mom did to her while her dad and I were out playing.