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Thursday, September 29, 2011


  • I am grateful that even though he thinks it's silly and kind of boring, my husband is taking me to play in the casino tomorrow for my birthday.
  • I am grateful that my kids are (basically) healthy and happy children
  • I am grateful that although there is a huge hole in my face and the whole thing is starting to throb again, I have graduated to noodles with mushrooms.
  • I am grateful that my sister-in-law Laura bought me books written by my online friend Laura for my birthday
  • I am grateful that my four-year-old daughter made me a birthday card - and will not let me open it until tomorrow
  • I am grateful that grandma takes Abby to swimming lessons most weeks - and often out to dinner afterward
  • I am grateful that - thanks to my husband - I can stop robbing Peter to pay Paul, (Paul's been paid off) and pay Peter myself from my UI checks... especially because Peter in this context is my mom
  • I am grateful that my kids will happily eat leftovers for dinner when I'm too tired/sick/throbby to cook properly... as long as nothing touches anything else (Lizzy's having a slice of bread and butter, a strip of bacon, a stick of cheese, four baby dill pickles, and a pear)
  • I am grateful that although I get points taken off, my school is understanding about late assignments due to dental surgery
  • I am grateful that in spite of my unwilling housewife status, I have a home in which to practice the art of housewifery
  • I am grateful that my dentist is pleased with my progress, and so is my academic adviser
So, God, Universe, Karma, Powers that Be, Whomever? Thanks, bud.