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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As the World Turns

Or is it the Days of Our Lives? No matter the title, today was super busy, tomorrow promises to be trying, and Thursday I'll be able to Get Things Done. I had extra money too, as my state's governor just upped the unemployment pay by $25 a week... and paid us back pay all the way back to March. Since I started collecting UI in April, this made a huge difference in my UI check this week.

So today I took Abby to the bus, took Lizzy (now feeling better but still Dropping her Spoon) to Grandma's, and took the cat to the vet. They treated her for fleas and had a blood and urine panel taken. Doc thinks she probably has a kidney infection (common in cats her age and the probably cause of the inappropriate pottying), and/or hyperthyroidism (because she's lost 2lb she didn't have to spare; she started at 8lb 4oz). Test results tomorrow morning. She also has a head cold, poor thing. And the vet accepted a down payment and a payment plan. Times are hard for all pet owners, apparently.

I went to Costco and got a few things (out of Costco for under $60 is always good), and Safeway came to me with a few (all right - a lot) more. We have fresh veggies, fresh fruit, fresh meat, fresh bread, canned goods, boxed goods, frozen goods, a couple treats (chocolate chip light ice cream and mini-marshmallows), "personal paper products", a twelve-pack of man-size socks, stuff for Abby's lunch box, stuff for Lizzy's contribution to snacks at preschool, and the hubs' Diet Coke.

I went to the dentist for tooth pain. A gazillion of them (all right - three of them) need to be worked on tomorrow (and then they will make me a night guard so I don't grind any more fillings loose). I got my hair cut so I look like a professional when job hunting, too. But my cat is going to be okay, my pantry (and fridge and freezer and fruit bowl and hubby's sock drawer) is full, and I feel much much better about life today.

So... I need to go fill this Rx, get some soft food for tomorrow, and I have enough cash left to buy a couple of DVDs - I'm thinking Phineas and Ferb Across the Second Dimension for the kids, and for me? Well, for me there is always my Marvel hero of choice - at least in the movies!