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Friday, September 23, 2011


Abby's teacher already groks her and lent her a book for over the weekend. She read it to me three times in the car on the way to her dad's house, and as it's a book of ghost stories, I was predisposed to suspect the arcane when the mysterious events of the evening occurred.

We had Friday Night Board Games tonight. Lots of fun, but as one group of gamers (the ones with small children who were beginning to melt down) left, we started hearing a high-pitched whine in the kids' room.

We looked everywhere. We pulled out the trundle. We flipped power on and off, on both appliances and even the in the circuit breaker box. We pushed the button on the smoke alarm. We determined the whine was not coming from outside, another room, or any of the electrical things in the room. The heat was off. None of the lamps, kids' electronics, or the smoke alarm was the culprit. How mysterious.

Our friend Jason (husband of Carrie the Cake Goddess) discovered that if he knelt by the TV in the kids' play area he could make the sound stop... until he stood up again. A clue! And under the pillow in front of the TV? The one he was kneeling on?

The Dora the Explorer walkie talkie from the set Grandma got Lizzy for her birthday!

Mystery solved!