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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fun (take... whatever)

So our Friday Night Mage Game is on hiatus due to scheduling (four players in school, three job-hunting, one starting her own business while holding down a job, and everyone else working - it's hard), and so we're doing Board (or in this case, Card) Game Night instead. This opens it up to a larger group of people, which is nice, as well as giving us flexibility as to what games we play.

Tonight's game is Dominion, and in addition to a couple of the usual folks (future son-in-law Greg and his dad Nate, plus another gamer from whom I have not gotten permission to post a name), we have Lizzy's BFF Natalie, her baby sister Emily, and their parents.  This will assist in keeping Lizzy happy and therefore somewhat less clingy to adults. We have a lot of cleaning still to do to make the place barely-mobile-baby-safe though!

And I got to spend this morning at the dentist. Again. I love my dentist, but I don't really want to see them every month if I can help it. However, the place where they extracted the broken tooth and then did a bone graft is poking through the gum and has gotten infected (this is apparently not unusual) so I have to go in next week and get it numbed and filed down (OW!) and the gum closed over it again, and in the meantime I have another round of antibiotics and pain pills. Sheesh.

As I was writing this, I noticed that while I do like the new Blogger tools, my link to amazon has disappeared. I can no longer just highlight some text and automatically search for it in the Blogger writing screen. Where'd it go? And also I'm having to log into my school site every time I click on a link within the site. Weird. I think after I hit "Publish" I'm going to play with my Chrome settings and clear my cache and all; maybe I've got something in the background interfering.

After I do some cleaning, of course.