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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Lizzy, Emmy, Natty, Abby
Natalie is Lizzy's BFF, the woman Lizzy wants to marry (preferably today, but I decided they were a trifle young for that, as today is Natalie's fifth birthday and Lizzy has been four for two weeks. Maybe by the time they're both of age it'll be legal). Natty has a lovable baby sister, Emmy (for Emily) and they and their parents have recently been to Hawaii, so Natalie wanted her birthday to be a luau theme. So the adults are all dressed in Hawaiian shirts and the kids were a little more luau - grass skirts and leis and such.

The sand is graham cracker crumbs
The weather today was not very tropical - we're back to standard Seattle weather - so I made Abby throw a jacket over her authentic Hawaiian dress. I found the dress-up grass skirt when cleaning out the garage, so Lizzy wore that over her swim shirt and tights, and the Birthday Girl was adorable in a swimsuit and pink grass skirt. And her mom is Carrie of Sweet Creations by Carrie, so the cake not only looked beautiful (I mean Happy Birthday scratched into the "sand" and the candy flip-flops and all the frosting flowers), but it also tasted wonderful.

And with our kids and Carrie's, and the heaps of adoring adults in her kids' lives, a good time was had by all.