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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School and Scouts

Tonight was the Parents' Night at Abby's school (for third-graders), followed by her first Brownie meeting of the year. Busy evening, involving the hubs feeding the kids their supper and sending Abby down to our parking lot for me to pick her up between meetings. He got them pizza (to make them happy) and fruit (to make me happy). I wasn't eating because of dental work. Hungry now, though.

So the Parents' Night meeting was interesting. Abby's teacher already has her number - you can tell because she's got Abby (a) separated from her fellow chatterers, and (b) up at the front of the room. Of the class of 26 kids, five or six are chatterboxes and also know each other from last year, and her classroom is in a (small) portable, so this took some creative rearranging of desks. Good for Ms. K.

The Brownie Scout meeting was a planning meeting - what are we going to for the rest of the year, filling out of the annual emergency paperwork, like that - and one of the moms who was in our troop last year (we blended two smaller troops this year) brought (Abby-friendly) snacks. Thanks! Brownie first aid badges are an October meeting thing, so while we were discussing Ace bandages and ice packs and emergency numbers and so forth, I volunteered us to teach the troop the correct use of an Epi-Pen. They liked this idea so we stopped at our pharmacy on the way home to pick up a dummy epi-pen (no needle, used to train parents and other caregivers). We'll practice with it and bring it next month.

It's nice - and Scout-worthy - to be able to contribute.