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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday at Home

Today was very nice. Abby's at her dad's, and Leanna's at her mom's, so it was just grownups and Lizzy. We played with Lego. We jumped on the Bouncerine. We went through Lizzy's flash cards (she knew all the words except W is for Walrus - she kept calling it a "weally big seal"). I completed my schoolwork for the week, applied for a dozen or so jobs, and played a game with Laston while Liz watched Veggie Tales. We did some cooking. We did some baking. We did some laundry. We fielded a dozen or so requests by neighbor kids for Abby to come out to play.

Tomorrow Abby comes back from her dad's place and models the Halloween costume he bought her (apparently they didn't go for the much-desired vampire costume because her dad - like me - feels that eight-year-old girls don't need to wear sexy costumes - good lord!). Then we get ready for the week - decide which days she'll buy her lunch, make sure the stuff she brought home is ready for school Monday, lay out their clothes, etc.

Sometimes a clear weekend is just the ticket.