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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Leanna! (Take Two)

Birthday Girl with
Pretty New Hair Decs
My family always spreads birthday celebrations out some, although not usually quite to this extent. But mom was out of town on Leanna's birthday, and as we have her every-other-weekend, Grandma could not do her Birthday Girls' Meal Out until this morning. We went to The Original Pancake House (Dutch Babies! Yum!) and Mom got Leanna some really cute things, just up Leanna's alley.

Leanna is our animal-lover, so Grandma took that into account. Such cute stuff! A pretty watch, a beautiful t-shirt (mossy green organic cotton with a horse pattern on the front), and assorted small stuff like lip gloss and hair decs from Hawaii and funky monkey socks. She liked it all, but the thing that really made her squee was - of all things - one of those calendars my mom gets from supporting various nature causes. This one had baby animals and I think that after a certain point, only baby animals could have heard the "OMG - so cute!!!" from Leanna and Abby. It was that high-pitched.

So the big girls are out playing, and after lunch I'm taking them to Saturday's Child to pick up a pair of shoes for Abby (who already broke her new tennies) and as many school clothes as I can find for my $50 credit for Leanna (because the box of school clothes (and Lizzy's birthday present) from Grandma Dianna has gotten lost in delivery - we'll get them but not this week). I have no cash money, but $50 in credit at Saturday's Child can buy a lot of clothes, assuming they're in her size (she's more teenage-sized than her sisters and the availability of teenage clothes at a kids' consignment shop is highly variable). In between I'll be doing homework and laundry. There's quite a bit of laundry in the form of linens and a few clothes we've been storing for two years - it should be washed before we use it again.

Again with the domestic weekends. Nice.