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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bedroom Antics

Stop that eyebrow-raising you've got going there; I'm talking about the stalling tactics and such that the kids do at bedtime. Abby knows full well that I'm unlikely to keep her from reading, and she milks it for all it's worth. Lizzy came up with a new one tonight; man, does she keep us on our toes.
"Mama, the lullaby song says "safe in my ahms", so you have to stay with me fowevah."
What, with you attached to my hip? I don't think so.

She also informed me about an hour before bedtime (after I had exasperatedly asked her why she threw her cup behind the TV in the kids' play area) "That's wheah they go when you don't want to put them in the sink."

Again. Don't think so. But I know what I'm doing tomorrow while they're not here; in addition to the job-hunting and school that is my new normal, I'll be pulling God-knows-what out from behind their TV. Maybe we'll find the remote. Or some 3D glasses. Or a dust bunny that will eat me alive. The hubs is supposed to call for backup if I don't show up by nightfall.