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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vampires and Other Toothy Topics

Abby is writing crossover fanfic apparently. She wrote a story in class (3rd grade), entitled The Three Little Bats and the Big Bad Vampire, It follows the classic story of the Three Little Pigs, except that houses are made of potatoes (which the Big Bad Vampire eats), blood oranges (which he sucks, natch) and chocolate. And the Pigs Bats defeat the Vampire by putting blocks of the chocolate into a Vampire-proof cage and tempting him in there.  That's my girl.

I took her to the dentist today because she has a few cavities (apparently she has "weak enamel") and although she brushes "adequately", apparently those with weak enamel must brush "spectacularly" to avoid cavities. Lizzy has none. This cavity was in a baby tooth (#2 molar, top right), which was already a little wiggly, so they just decided to pull it rather than fill it.

I had a Mommy Moment there for a bit. I'm willing to be in the room with her, and to hold her hand, but I cannot watch. And the whimpering started to really bother me. She told me later that she was "one fist hurt and two fists scared". That bothered me too, but I managed to just smile and nod. The dentist even cleaned off the pulled tooth for us, so the Tooth Fairy won't turn up her nose at it.

Now she has that cachet of a lost tooth. Together with the remains of last weekend's black eye (now in green and purple!), she looks like she's been beaten, but only on the right side of her face. It is not a pretty sight.