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Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Post of Randomness Take Eleventy-Billion

I don't really have a specific topic today, so I just thought I'd throw some stuff out there and see what sticks.

This morning I was on Google + and I mentioned the old game Gauntlet (because "Jenn needs a (paying) job, badly"), posted a youtube link and everything. It made me think of my other favorite game of that era, at which I sucked horribly, but which I really enjoyed. Looking at those two articles, I see that the games were actually separated by about three years, but I think of them as contemporaries to each other. I think they must have both been in the Student Lounge at Edmonds Community College - along with this other game - back in 1987-1988, which I was a student there.

I've been thinking a lot about EdCC here lately, because of going back to school, and being able to use 15 of my EdCC credits toward the degree I'm working on - my AA in Communications. But the above made me think of the student lounge there, and how we would play video games (the above three plus Goonies, I think) and pool, and watch music videos back when MTV did that, and the MTV game show Remote Control.

And Remote Control reminded me of the Nylons, because the Nylons version of Kiss Him Goodbye was the tune played when someone got axed from the game. I love the Nylons.

And the Goonies reminded me of the company that made it ,which in turn reminded me of The Konami Code, which Netflix Tech Support clued me in yesterday is the reset code (although Netflix uses up up up up at the end, having not A B Select Start to work with) for Netflix Instant Play on the Wii.

Very Small World stuff. As is the fact that I know (online) a woman working at the place I phone-interviewed with last week, in addition to the fellow Brownie Scout Mom I already knew worked there. Maybe knowing two people who work there will help me, 'cause I really really want that one.

And thus are non-parenting blog posts born.