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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back to School Blues

Not these kinds of blues. Nor these. Nor even these.

The kind of blues that comes with the back to school cold season. Two of us are sniffling. Two are sneezing. One has a scratchy throat. Nobody has a fever and everybody is Dropping Spoons at a rapid pace. The kids are mad because I made them clean up before they leave to go play. Laston is slamming dishes around because he can't finish his science experiment (he's been growing root-beer-flavored rock candy for a couple weeks) until there's a clean space in the kitchen and he couldn't wait  for me to do them. I'm pissy because he couldn't wait and now I'm charged with keeping the kids out of the Very Dangerous Kitchen (boiling sugar = bad) without any warning. Lizzy's clinging to my left arm and basically making a pest of herself. And she's insisted on watching VeggieTales, which she had not seen before this week.

I'm not a fan of Veggie Tales' message; I'm more of a God helps those who help themselves kinda gal (yeah, I know it's not in the Bible. Not the point here), and VeggieTales is all about giving it all up to God and letting Him take the burden. Abby never watched it because talking vegetables squicked her. But man, the songs are as infectious as (or possibly more infectious than) those from the Backyardigans.

And as for songs, Lizzy just told me, "this song makes me look like Candace's mom on her buhthday, wheah my face is smiling but my eyes ah cwying", in reference to this scene from Phineas and Ferb:

Really? That sort of thing makes it all okay.