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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Dropped Spoon of DOOM

I know I've explained the concept of Dropping the Spoon before. It's the tendency of tired or ill people (especially children, but adults are not immune) to be going about their normal business until something totally minor goes wrong (like dropping a spoon). And then the world comes to an end. Today has been fairly quiet for the most part... Lizzy's been sipping diluted apple juice and watching Nick Jr. DVDs from her bed mostly...but then a Spoon Gets Dropped and there is much angst on both Lizzy's part and mine (and her sisters' parts and so forth).

Yesterday she was fine - a little sniffly when I dropped her at Grandma's around 11AM was all - and by the time Leanna and I picked her up at two she was a wreck. whining and crying and basically miserable and wanting company in it. Thankfully she fell asleep in the car while we went to get Abby, and stayed asleep once we got home, whereupon I went to finish my fill-and-polish (more about that in a minute). When I got home she was okay except for spoon-droppage, but Laston says when she woke up to find me gone it was Meltdown City.

While Abby was at a birthday party, and Lizzy was at Grandma's, Leanna and I got to hang out and do girl stuff. She chose Red Lobster for lunch, which was nice, but their service was remarkably slow which made us late for our manicures. They got Leanna's manicure done but had only managed to do the actual fill on mine before we had to leave to get Lizzy and then Abby. So the very nice man who runs Nail and Spa said, "you come back later - any time this week - and we polish for free because you already pay". So I did; as soon as Laston got home, with the big girls playing outside with Kiki, and Lizzy asleep, I went back and got the polish too. They did not have my favorite colors in stock (or they were in use by other clients) so I got Silent Mauvie, which is a nice one too.

And came home to melted-down-but-now-calmer coldy sniffly toddler. Abby and Leanna went to Kiki's after supper, played outside until nine, and then spent the night over there. This was also nice, because with Miz Liz sick, nobody would likely get much sleep if they were all here. They came back this morning at nine or so, ate breakfast, watched some TV, went out to play, ate lunch, watched a movie, and went back out to play.  Laston's taking Leanna back to her mom in a few minutes, and we'll settle down to getting ready for the final full week of  the 2010/2011 school year. Aside from the sniffly snuffly toddler, this is how Sundays should be.